Contact Log Time Conversion Chart

CASA's new database system, Optima, has brought us into the 21st century in a big way and we cannot be more satisfied with the results. We now have a common place to store case information making it accessible to CASA staff and the volunteer who is appointed to the specific case. It also makes entering contact logs and continuing education a breeze! During our time with the new system we have noticed that contact log times are being entered in a plethora of different ways. In an effort to keep the system more cohesive and make submitting reports to Texas CASA less time consuming for staff we are implementing a time conversion chart to help volunteers adhere to the new way of logging time.

Basically the rule of thumb is when logging your time into Optima you may only use the following Conversion Chart: .25, for anything up to 15 minutes, .50 for anything between 16 minutes - 30 minutes, .75 for anything between 31 minutes - 45 minutes, and 1.00 for 1 hour.  So if you are working on your court report for 1 hour and 10 minutes, go ahead and round the 10 minutes up to .25 (which is 15 minutes) and log your time as 1.25.

If you have any questions regarding Optima please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor. Nicole is also available to work with you one on one at anytime if you feel like you need a refresher.


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