What does a CASA volunteer do?

What a CASA Volunteer Does…

The Volunteer determines what is in the child’s best interest by:

A. Interviewing the child, family members, school officials, health providers, and others who know the child’s history.

B. Reviewing all records assigned the case, including school, medical, and caseworker reports.

C. Making reports to the court, giving testimony in hearings, and by working with attorneys and other professionals in the case.

Our Vision

To Have a CASA Volunteer for Every Abused and Neglected Child,

To Provide Support to Child Victims,

To Provide Hope to Child Victims,

To be The Child’s Voice in Court,

To Seek What is in a Child’s Best Interest,

To Help Families Mend,

To Offer Encouragement so that the Cycle of Abuse CAN be Broken,

To Provide Education and Awareness of Child Abuse to the Community so that Others will be Moved to Make a Difference in the Life of an Abused Child, and

To put an End to Child Abuse.

Our Mission

To represent the best interest of abused and neglected children in court. To ensure they are placed in a permanent, safe, and nurturing environment as quickly as possible.