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Sponsor a Ribbon Fundraiser

During the month of April CASA began our Sponsor a Ribbon Fundraiser in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Our goal is to sponsor 707 ribbons, one ribbon for each of the 707 alleged victims of abuse and neglect in our service area in 2020. Each $10 donation is documented on our virtual wall of ribbons which can be found on our website, www.brushcountrycasa.org/ribbon

Because our goal was not met during the month of April we have decided to extend the event for the remainder of the year and incorporate a fun challenge to get the community involved! Gloria Hamill, Principal at Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco Elementary School and Brush Country CASA Board Member, was the first to accept our challenge. She encouraged her staff to donate to our ribbon fundraiser by offering incentives. Those who contributed would be treated to a Sonic drink of their choice hand delivered by herself and CASA staff. If all of her staff participated in addition to their drink she would host a luncheon. They barely missed their goal of 100% participation, but they still did an amazing job raising over $300 for the Sponsor a Ribbon Fundraiser in just shy of 3 days! The name of each participant was put on a ribbon and added to our virtual wall. On May 21st Nicole Ortegon, Brush Country CASA Outreach Director, joined Principal Hamill as she handed out their drinks.

Principal Hamill then challenged Gus Barrera, Principal at Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! He decided to take a different route and held a raffle. With the help of his sister, Mandy Barrera, Principal Barrera raised $1,000 in just 3 hours!! Each of the individuals who contributed to the raffle were listed on our virtual wall.

Thanks to Principal Hamill and Principal Barrera our virtual wall is up to 215 ribbons sponsored! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser through the Sponsor a Ribbon Challenge. We are well on our way to meeting our goal.

Join in the fun and support your local CASA Program by conducting a Sponsor a Ribbon challenge at your business or organization! Reach out to Nicole Ortegon at 361.595.7233 for more information. To view our virtual wall or sponsor a ribbon, please use the links below.

Sponsor A Ribbon Fundraiser Links



BB-PB High School


BB-PB Elementary School