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The Coastal Bend Day of Giving

Mark your calendar for the 2020 Coastal Bend Day of Giving which will be held on November 10th. Brush Country CASA is so grateful to be a recipient of this amazing event which allows local nonprofit organizations to raise a large sum of money in just one day!

How it works: On November 10th, log into the Coastal Bend Day of Giving website www.coastalbenddayofgiving.org, and click to learn more about your favorite nonprofit(s) and make a donation. The best part of making a donation on the Day of Giving is that donations are local and the amount donated will be matched and doubled, up to $22,000 per nonprofit. Just think – a $10 gift becomes $20; a $100 gift becomes $200! Each nonprofit agency has the potential to raise at least $44,000 on November 10th. Donations can be directed to a favorite charity or to a general fund, to be distributed equally among all of the nonprofits.

Prescheduled Donations: Prescheduled Donations will now be made through “Early Giving”. From November 1 – 9, donors will be able to make real-time gifts to your organization.