Be a part of the solution!

Take the first step to becoming a CASA advocate:


There are many ways that you can help. If you would like to assist CASA, please contact us at (956) 546-6545. Your assistance is appreciated!

Gifts for Children and Teenagers

If you would like to donate new or gently used books, toys, games, gift cards, etc. to give our CASA children and teens, we know that they would enjoy that very much!

Gift Cards

Do you have any gift cards that you would like to donate to CASA? We would gladly accept them in any amount.  These can help CASA defray the cost for office supplies, meetings, volunteer recognition, etc.

Meals for Training

Our potential volunteers attend training during the evening hours and many come to our office straight from work or school. Therefore, we provide meals and snacks for them on these training days. Would you like to provide a donation to help with these costs? Maybe you know of a restaurant that would be willing to donate a few meals for our volunteers on one day of training? Please let us know!


Are you involved with a group or organization that would be interested in what CASA does? We may be able to schedule a presentation for your organization to inform them what our wonderful advocates do for children in our community. We are always searching for qualified people who can become volunteers or support our cause in other ways.


We host gatherings and events throughout the year, including an annual gala and our Superhero 5K Run. If you would like to volunteer your time and talent at one of our upcoming events, please call our office. There may be many ways that we can benefit from your valuable experience. People have helped in the past by decorating, ushering, organizing, and more!

Order Your Special License Plate

Click here to view the special license plate that you can order to benefit CASA programs. From the $30 specialty plate fee, $22 goes to the Attorney General’s Office to fund contracts for eligible volunteer advocate programs that expand the existing services of the advocate project.