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CASA Seeks People to Stand Up for Children in Foster Care

Brush Country CASA is on the hunt for people who are able and willing to stand up for children in foster care. CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates is a non-profit organization who recruits, trains, and supports every day citizens as they help guide children through the foster care system. Brush Country CASA serves children in Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells, Kenedy and Kleberg Counties. Through the years we have seen the number of children in foster care rise, but one thing has stayed the same… We do not have enough advocates to serve 100% of the children in care. This is a big problem considering the success rate we have had with the kids we are able to help. The 2019 DFPS Data Books shows the number of confirmed victims in foster care is rising while luckily the number of kids in DFPS custody has decreased just a tad. The statistics also show that the largest amount of children involved in the foster care system are in Jim Wells County yet we have the least amount of advocates there. We need your help to grow our CASA presence in Jim Wells County! Will you help us? Below is a list of ways you can help along with links so you can get in touch!